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    Sparkle Cleaning Services Co.
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    Commercial cleaning , Residential cleaning
    School cleaning . . .
Sparkle Cleaning Services Company was found in 2013 . It grew quickly with the help of Glowing customer referrals , in addition to provide excellent customer service at a Reasonable price . While there are service providers of all kinds available to us in HK.

Sparkle Cleaning Services Co. provide the high quality [Formaldehyde] check , VOCs and odor free services , for your healthy life everyday !
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Residential cleaning

  • Residential/Dormitory/
    Apartment Cleaning
    Home Renovation Cleaning


Commercial cleaning

  • Office, shops cleaning
    Clubs House
    Carpark cleaning


School Cleaning

  • Classroom, staff area cleaning
    Toilet block & playground
    Carpet cleaning


Pest Control

  • Formaldehyde check
    odor free services